Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Monthly Subscription Reduced to $15 per Month

We've reduced the prices of our monthly and daily subscription plans, to just $15 per month or $5 for one-off 24 hour access. (UK and Euro prices are now £12 / €13.50 per month, and £4 / €4.50 for one-off 24 hour access).

Weekly subscriptions are also great value at $7.50 (£6 / €6.75) per week.

We also have a special offer of one year's access for just $150 (£120 / €135), so Speedy Route is now more affordable than ever!

1 comment:

  1. Hello,

    I'm considering purchasing the subscription service on Speedy Route but am not entirely sure what the costs are.

    Is it $15 / £12 per month in 2018?

    Also, what does this mean "Speedy Route is a charged subscription service for the calculation of routes containing more than 20 locations, and also for more than five calculations within a rolling 24 hour period for routes containing any number of locations"? Does this mean that there is a limit on how often I can calculate routes in a 24 hour period?