Speedy Route Tips and Tricks #1

Bulk Add Multiple Locations

Do you have a long list of locations that you need to add to Speedy Route? There's no need to add each location one by one individually. You can bulk add all the locations in one go with a few simple steps!

Click the drop down arrow on the right hand side of the 'Add Location' button and choose 'Bulk Add Multiple Locations' from the drop down menu. The 'Bulk Add Multiple Locations' popup will now appear, for you to type or paste the whole list of location addresses into. Just make sure the addresses are each on their own line for the import to work properly.

Now click the 'Add Locations' button, and the list of addresses will be imported into Speedy Route all at once! You can then click the 'Calculate Route' button as normal to calculate the optimal route.

Super Pro Tips

When you perform a Bulk Import, Speedy Route fills every existing empty location with the next available imported address, including the Start Location if it is empty. Therefore you might want to manually enter the Start Location normally first before you Bulk Import the route locations.

Speedy Route validates the addresses during the Bulk Import and expands the address to be a fully validated location. You may want to edit the addresses before you perform the import to help Speedy Route choose the correct validated address, e.g. by adding ", UK" (without the quotes) to the end of an address to differentiate between "Birmingham, USA" and "Birmingham, UK" etc.

Once a Bulk Import has finished, the map zooms out to show all the route addresses. You can make a quick visual check at this point to see that all the addresses look correct before you click 'Calculate Route'. If any addresses aren't quite right, just edit them manually by hand before performing the route calculation.

Also take a look at our article all about Location Notes including Bulk Importing notes.

You're now a Bulk Import expert!


  1. This is no help. I continually get addresses from different city's and zip codes in the state and also other city's and states that are different from the information on the import list.

    1. Have you put the right postcodes in to begin with?

  2. Are you able to save your routes?