Speedy Route Tips and Tricks #6

Drag & Drop Route Locations

Speedy Route now allows you to 'fine-tune' a route after it has been calculated by manually dragging and dropping locations on the route into your preferred order.

First, calculate a route in the normal way by adding or importing locations, and then click 'Calculate Route'. When the calculated route is displayed, move your mouse pointer over the route locations and you will see they now become highlighted:

You can then drag a location and drop it a different position in the route (the easiest part of the location to drag is the route order indicator, i.e. the number 2 in the above example. Also, iPhone/iPad etc. customers please note that you can also drag and drop locations, simply press and hold the location number to start dragging):

As you drag a location up or down the list, the other locations will 'move out of the way' to make room so you can drop the location wherever you need to. When you drop a location into its new position, Speedy Route will automatically re-calculate the route's directions, duration and distance:

Please note that 'drag and drop' route manual re-ordering is currently only available for single-vehicle non-timeboxed routes, and that an initial route must first be calculated for its locations to be draggable.

Reverse Calculated Route

Another new option is the capability to quickly reverse the direction of a calculated route loop. When Speedy Route calculates a looped route, you may wish to travel the route in the opposite order to the one that Speedy Route has calculated. To do this, select the 'Reverse Calculated Route' menu option from the 'Calculate Route' drop down menu after an initial route calculation:

Speedy Route will then re-calculate the route in the opposite direction and update the route directions, duration and distance:

As can be seen in the above example, any manual 'drag and drop' route alterations you have made will also be preserved in the reversed route.


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