Sunday 13 December 2015

Speedy Route Android App retired from Google Play

The Android App version of Speedy Route has today been retired and removed from the Google Play App Store, and will no longer be available for download.

Please note that only the Android App version of Speedy Route has been discontinued! The website version of Speedy Route that you know and love is still going from strength to strength, with new features to be made available in the near future.

The Android App version of Speedy Route pre-dated the full website version, and did not include some of the advanced website features such as multiple vehicles and time-boxing etc. The Android App was also not integrated with the website Speedy Route accounts, meaning that the App did not share website subscriptions, and routes could not be shared or uploaded from the website to the Android App.

We will be releasing new fully integrated App versions of Speedy Route for Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) in the near future, and the removal of the old Android App clears the way for these new releases.

Please note that existing users of the old Android App will be able to continue to use the App while they use up any existing location credits. It will not be possible however to purchase any new location credits.

Keep checking the blog for updates about the upcoming new iOS and Android Speedy Route Apps!

Friday 31 July 2015

Speedy Route Support Line Phone Numbers

US & UK customers can now directly contact the Speedy Route support line by phone on the numbers below:

  • USA Customers
    • (415) 651-7031
    • San Francisco, CA - standard call rates apply.
  • UK Customers
    • 0871 246 4993 
    • UK calls will cost 13 pence per minute, plus your phone company's access charge.

In very busy times you may need to leave a message and we'll get back to you, but otherwise you should get straight through to a Speedy Route support technician.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Free route calculation locations limit increased by 50%!

We've increased the limit on the number of locations that can be included in a free optimal route calculation by 50%! You can now calculate routes containing up to 12 locations completely free of charge (subject to a further limit of 5 free route calculations per rolling 24 hour period), available now at

To calculate longer routes (up to our current maximum of 500 locations per route), simply purchase one of our great value Speedy Route subscriptions that allow an unlimited number of route calculations while your subscription is valid. Subscriptions are available for purchase in British Pound Sterling (£), Euro (€), and U.S. Dollar ($) currencies for various access periods:

  • 48 Hours - £5.50 / €7.75 / $8.50
  • 1 Week - £10.50 / €14.50 / $16.25
  • 1 Month - £30.00 / €41.50 / $46.50

See you online!

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Speedy Route Mugs with new 6 month subscriptions

If you purchase a new 6 month subscription to Speedy Route, you could soon be enjoying your morning cuppa or coffee from a Speedy Route mug while you plan your route!

We have a stock of these promotional Speedy Route mugs to giveaway with new 6 month subscriptions, or you could still choose to receive a Speedy Route T-shirt instead if you prefer.

Be quick, only while stocks last!

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Speedy Route now also accepts PayPal payments

We're pleased to announce that Speedy Route subscriptions can now also be purchased via PayPal, in addition to our existing payment methods.

Speedy Route has always accepted credit/debit card payments (through our excellent merchant account provider, but some of our customers have indicated a preference for PayPal if possible, so we have now added this as an alternative payment method.

The 'Purchase a Subscription' popup now has a payment method choice of either credit/debit card, or PayPal:

Purchase a Subscription popup

If you choose the PayPal option and click 'Pay Now', Speedy Route will setup a PayPal payment ready to be authorized and ask you for confirmation to 'Check out with PayPal':

PayPal Express Checkout popup

Clicking 'Check out with PayPal' will open up a new window or tab where you can login to your PayPal account and authorize the payment. Upon authorization of the payment, you will be returned to Speedy Route and the subscription purchase is completed.

Remember that any current valid subscription allows you to make unlimited route calculation requests while the subscription is in effect, and each route can contain up to 500 locations!

Thursday 5 March 2015

Speedy Route T-Shirts in our Online Store!

Speedy Route T-Shirts are now available to buy in our online store at!

The T-Shirts feature the Speedy Route slogans on the front, and the Speedy Route 'S' logo on the back, with white text and graphics on a purple t-shirt background.

We have a stack of these T-Shirts to give away to customers who purchase a new 6 month subscription to Speedy Route, so get yours while stocks last!

Monday 2 February 2015

Improved Help and Interactive Tour Demo

We've added an interactive tour to Speedy Route, to help guide you through the various options and features that are available to you.

Click on 'Plan a Speedy Route' in the top left of the web page (underneath the Speedy Route logo) to start the tour:

You can simply click 'Next' on each tip to go to the next tip, or instead interactively follow the instructions. In the example above, if you enter a Start Location, the demo will automatically move on to the next step.

Take a look at all the tips to see what Speedy Route has to offer!

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Route Start Time and Location Timeboxing

We've just introduced yet another new set of Speedy Route features, hot on the heels of our previous blog post about 'drag & drop' locations!

Speedy Route now supports 'timeboxed locations', allowing you to specify time-based constraints as to when some or all of your route's locations may be visited during the day.

Timeboxing also allows a route Start Time to be set, so that you can quickly tell what time of day each location will be visited, and optional wait periods at each location can also be specified.

Take a look at our latest Speedy Route Tips and Tricks article for full details about timeboxing.

Monday 19 January 2015

Drag & Drop Route Re-Ordering and Reverse Routes

We'd like to wish a very (belated) Happy New Year from Speedy Route to all our customers!

In celebration of the new year, we have introduced some new Speedy Route features, namely Drag & Drop route locations, and Reverse Calculated Route.

Drag and drop route calculations was the most requested new feature in our recent survey, which allows you to quickly fine-tune the ordering of your route after Speedy Route has initially calculated the optimal route. Speedy Route will immediately re-calculate the route's driving directions, distance, and duration, incorporating your manual modifications as you alter the location ordering.

The related new 'Reverse Calculated Route' feature allows you to quickly alter the direction of a looped route calculated by Speedy Route, and traverse the route in the opposite direction. Again, all the route's driving directions, distance, and duration information is then immediately updated.

Please see our new Speedy Route Tips and Tricks article for full details about these new features.

We have many more new feature in the pipeline for 2015, so remember to revisit the blog regularly for news and updates.