Calculated Route Examples

Speedy Route Calculation Examples

Speedy Route can quickly calculate an optimal solution for routes containing hundreds of locations, either looping back to the start location or not, and for single or multiple delivery vehicles.

Lets look at an example. First, type in or import your start and route locations (see our Bulk Add Multiple Locations article). In our example we imported 52 unsorted locations as shown below:

Original unsorted 52 route locations plus start location

The locations above have no obvious optimal route. This is where Speedy Route comes to the rescue, and saves you time and money! We used the default settings of one vehicle, and a looping route (Return to Start Location), and clicked 'Calculate Route'. Speedy Route took only 40 seconds to calculate the best route:

Calculated optimal looping route with 1 vehicle

The solution above visits all the route's locations and returns home in a big loop, just as requested. We also calculated a non-looping route, which produced a different result in around 25 seconds:

Calculated optimal non-looping route with 1 vehicle

Without the 'Return to Start Location' restriction, the calculated route above is more of a 'zig-zag', finishing up at one of the furthest points from the start location, just as we would expect.

Speedy Route can also calculate a route to be split between several delivery vehicles. We selected a maximum of 4 vehicles, set the 'Return to Start Location' option to unchecked (no loop), and got this result in under 20 seconds:

Calculated optimal non-looping route with 4 vehicles

As shown above, Speedy Route has split the locations between 4 vehicles, and calculated 4 separate routes that are shown clearly on the map. As the route is non-looping, each vehicle generally finishes at a location that is distant from the start location.

Finally, we also calculated a looping multiple vehicle route, which produced a different result (again, in just under 20 seconds):

Calculated optimal looping route with 4 vehicles

The calculated route above takes into account the requirement to return back to the start location.

Hopefully these examples give you an idea of the capabilities and power of Speedy Route!

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