Tuesday 11 September 2018

Revised Speedy Route Subscription Prices

We regularly review our pricing structure, and it's been almost a year since the last Speedy Route pricing change.

Our subscriptions are excellent value, and allow unlimited route calculations while a subscription is valid, with individual route calculations allowing up to 500 locations per route.

You are always in total control of what you spend, as Speedy Route subscriptions do not automatically renew, and there is no contract to tie you in. When a subscription expires, it is totally up to you if and when you purchase full access again.

Our current rates are now:
  • Daily Subscription - $5
  • Weekly Subscription - $10
  • Monthly Subscription - $25

We also currently have a special offer of a Year's access for just $250.

(Our corresponding international prices are: Daily - £4 / €4.50, Weekly - £8 / €9, Monthly - £20 / €22.50)

Thursday 30 August 2018

Speedy Route partners with OptiMap

Speedy Route has partnered with OptiMap, who recently shut down their http://optimap.net/ and https://gebweb.net/optimap/ optimal route planner websites.

OptiMap is now no longer available, and OptiMap recommends Speedy Route as the best replacement for previous OptiMap users.

Click on the "Plan a Speedy Route" link in the top left of the https://www.speedyroute.com/ website to take our interactive tour and quickly acquaint yourself with all the features available in Speedy Route.

We wish a warm welcome to all of our new and existing customers!