Speedy Route Tips and Tricks #4


Once you have calculated your optimal delivery route, you might want to print it out. In Speedy Route this couldn't be simpler, just print out the web page using your browser's own Print functionality, e.g. PC users should press Ctrl and P on their computer keyboard, and Mac users should press Cmd and P. This will bring up your browser's Print or Print Preview dialog (depending on your browser). Finally click the 'Print' button in your browser.

On the printed page or in Print Preview, you'll see that the printed output from Speedy Route is highly optimised for print-out, and differs from what you normally see on the screen. The print-out contains just the full list of directions for your route split into sections for each journey leg, and nothing else, in a crisp, clear format.

Try it out, we think you'll like the results!

Super Pro Tips

You might want to only print out a list of locations in the calculated optimal order, but without the step-by-step driving directions. The quickest way to do this is to first export the location list from Speedy Route (see our previous Tips and Tricks page about Exporting at Speedy Route Tips and Tricks #2) to your favourite text editor (Notepad, Word etc.) and print out the list from there.

The Speedy Route page print-out format is currently geared towards the journey directions, and does not print out the graphical Google Map. If you want to print out the Google Map, the best way to do that currently would be take a clipboard copy of the computer screen (PC users should press the PrntScreen keyboard button, Mac users should press the Cmd and Ctrl and Shift and 3 keyboard buttons), and paste that as a new image into your favourite image editor (Paint etc). Finally crop the image as appropriate and print from your image editor software.

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