Speedy Route Tips and Tricks #8

Route Calculation using Real Time Live Traffic Flow

Speedy Route has always calculated the best optimal route between your route's locations. However until now, the route calculated has not taken into account the time of day you will be travelling.

We're very pleased to announce that Speedy Route can now optionally calculate routes taking into account the current real-time live traffic conditions, as reported by Google Maps. When the 'Consider Live Traffic Flow' option is checked, Speedy Route calculates the route to be optimal in the current road traffic.

Example Non-Live Traffic Route Calculation

Let's consider an example of a Speedy Route around the Los Angeles area. We can calculate a route that doesn't consider the current live traffic conditions for comparison:

Regular Route Calculation

The calculated non-live traffic calculation is shown below. The route loops around Burbank, down to Santa Monica, through Inglewood, makes a loop around downtown, and back to Sunset Boulevard.

Route Calculation Result

The reported time and distance for the route is 266 minutes to cover 94.6 miles.

Route Time and Distance

Live Traffic Route Calculation

If we select the 'Consider Live Traffic Flow' option, Speedy Route will consider the current live road traffic conditions while calculating the route.

Please note that calculating a Live Traffic Route is computationally more intensive than calculating a regular route, and a Live Traffic Route will take longer to calculate.

The example below was calculated on a Friday morning at 8:30am, in the middle of the Los Angeles rush hour:

Real Time Live Traffic Route Calculation

The Live Traffic Route calculated is different from the earlier route, to minimise time in traffic. The route takes in Burbank, downtown, Inglewood, and Santa Monica:

Live Traffic Route Calculation Result

The reported time and distance for the Live Traffic route is 397 minutes to cover 93.2 miles.

Live Traffic Route Time and Distance

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