Monday 20 March 2017

Location Notes and Real Time Live Traffic routes

Speedy Route can store notes against your locations that you can use for any purpose that is useful to you, e.g. for customer or order numbers, phone numbers, spreadsheet cell references etc. Notes can also be bulk imported along with location addresses. Please see our full blog article about notes for more information.

We have also re-instated real time live traffic-aware route calculations, as this information is now made available to us by our mapping provider Mapbox when calculating optimal route directions. Please take a look at our blog article about real time route calculations to learn more. Note that this option is currently only effective for routes calculated in the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Reload Autosaved Routes and Share Route Links

Reload Autosaved Routes

Speedy Route now automatically saves your routes and locations as you work. When you visit and log in, you can reload any of the previous 5 routes you have worked on:

Reload a Route 

If you log in with your Speedy Route account (or by Facebook / Twitter / Google / PayPal / Amazon) as you work on your routes, they will be available from any device (computer / laptop / phone / tablet) that you log into in future. (If you don't log in, the routes will be available for reload on the device you used last time only).

Mobile Devices

This means you could work on your route on your desktop or laptop computer, calculate your route, and then re-open the route on your mobile phone or tablet by logging into Speedy Route on your mobile device and reloading the route:

Reload a Route on a Mobile phone

Share a Route Copy Link

Once you have calculated a route, you can now also share a copy of the calculated route by clicking on the 'Share a Copy of the Route' link below the 'Calculate Route' button:

Share a Copy of a Route

This will generate a link that you can share with anyone you want to share the route with, and the link will remain available for 7 days:

Route Copy Share Link

Viewers of the shared route don't need a Speedy Route account or subscription to see the route, so you can share calculated routes with anyone who needs so see them.

This means you could calculate several different routes from your company office for different drivers etc. and then share each calculated route with the driver for that route, without the driver needing their own Speedy Route account and subscription, and also without needing to share your own account details.