Wednesday 21 January 2015

Route Start Time and Location Timeboxing

We've just introduced yet another new set of Speedy Route features, hot on the heels of our previous blog post about 'drag & drop' locations!

Speedy Route now supports 'timeboxed locations', allowing you to specify time-based constraints as to when some or all of your route's locations may be visited during the day.

Timeboxing also allows a route Start Time to be set, so that you can quickly tell what time of day each location will be visited, and optional wait periods at each location can also be specified.

Take a look at our latest Speedy Route Tips and Tricks article for full details about timeboxing.

Monday 19 January 2015

Drag & Drop Route Re-Ordering and Reverse Routes

We'd like to wish a very (belated) Happy New Year from Speedy Route to all our customers!

In celebration of the new year, we have introduced some new Speedy Route features, namely Drag & Drop route locations, and Reverse Calculated Route.

Drag and drop route calculations was the most requested new feature in our recent survey, which allows you to quickly fine-tune the ordering of your route after Speedy Route has initially calculated the optimal route. Speedy Route will immediately re-calculate the route's driving directions, distance, and duration, incorporating your manual modifications as you alter the location ordering.

The related new 'Reverse Calculated Route' feature allows you to quickly alter the direction of a looped route calculated by Speedy Route, and traverse the route in the opposite direction. Again, all the route's driving directions, distance, and duration information is then immediately updated.

Please see our new Speedy Route Tips and Tricks article for full details about these new features.

We have many more new feature in the pipeline for 2015, so remember to revisit the blog regularly for news and updates.