Friday 7 October 2016

Free Route Calculations Limited To One Per 24 Hours

Speedy Route is built on top of several commercial Google services, and due in part to some recent licensing changes, we have now reduced the number of free route calculations offered by Speedy Route to one free route calculation for each visitor, per rolling 24 hour period.

This means visitors can still calculate an optimal route of up to 12 locations in Speedy Route for free, but will then have to wait for 24 hours until another free route calculation can be made.

There is no change to our paid service however. Customers who purchase a Speedy Route subscription can continue to make an unlimited number of optimal route calculations, with each route containing up to 500 locations.

Our subscriptions are fantastic value, starting at just $8.50 for 48 hours' access to unlimited route calculations, or $46.50 for monthly access, so purchase your Speedy Route subscription today!

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