Thursday 25 August 2016

Login to Speedy Route with a Facebook or Twitter account

Speedy Route now allows you to Login using your Facebook or Twitter account for increased convenience. Simply click on the 'Login with Facebook' or 'Login with Twitter' buttons in the Login popup, and you will be directed to the appropriate website in a popup or new window. In Facebook or Twitter, simply authorize Speedy Route to access your profile (including your email address), and you will then be automatically logged in to Speedy Route.

If you have an existing Speedy Route account with the same email address, you will be logged in to that existing account. For new Speedy Route users, or if your Facebook or Twitter account has a different email address from the one you have used with Speedy Route in the past, we will automatically create and confirm a new Speedy Route account for you.

You can continue to use your existing Speedy Route login (email address and password) if you prefer, and new accounts can still be created and registered using an email address and confirmation email, just as before. We're simply offering another way for you to quickly login to your Speedy Route account.



  1. the calculation is wrong, the result with the same addresses are 30 miles more then the

    1. Hi David, you can sometimes calculate a better route is you re-calculate the route a few more times. Route optimisation is an inexact science involving heuristic algorithms to produce a reasonable result within an acceptable calculation time. Try re-calculating in Speedy Route a few times.

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