Sunday 10 April 2016

Start and Finish your Speedy Route at different locations

One of the most asked for features in Speedy Route by our customers has always been the ability to set a specific Finish Location for the route, that is different from the Start Location.

We are very happy to announce that this feature is now available in Speedy Route for immediate use by all of our customers! The feature is accessed via the new radio button options at the bottom of the route location list:

Finish Location Options in Speedy Route

Ensure the 'Finish Location' checkbox is checked, and then select the 'Other Location' radio button. You can then type in the address below that your route will finish at (and this can be different from the Start Location).

With these options set, Speedy Route will calculate a route that starts at your 'Start Location', finishes at the 'Finish Location', and visits all the route locations in between in the best order.

You can still select to finish at the start location if required by selecting 'Return to Start Location', and this will produce a looped route. Alternatively, uncheck 'Finish Location' entirely if the finish location of the route is not important.

Please see our updated blog post Speedy Route Tips and Tricks #3 for more details.

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