Monday, 8 September 2014

Free route calculations now funded by advertising

You may have noticed adverts that have appeared on the Speedy Route website in the last few days. Speedy Route is committed to offering a free route calculation service to customers for routes containing 8 or fewer locations, and we have placed ads on the site to help maintain the provision of these free services.

A valid (purchased) subscription is still required to calculate routes containing more than 8 locations, or to perform more than 5 calculations within a rolling 24 hour period. Our subscription packages are great value at £2.35 / €3.00 / $4.00 for 24 hours of access, £8.25 / €10.50 / $14.00 for one week, and £29.00 / €36.50 / $49.25 for one month.

As you would expect, logged-in users with a current (non-expired) subscription don't see any adverts as they are a paying Speedy Route customer. So now there's yet another reason to purchase a subscription to the lightning-quick optimal route planner that is Speedy Route!

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