Friday 25 July 2014

Upcoming new features and platforms in development

We're continually working on new features and increasing platform support to make Speedy Route even better and easier to use. Here's a sneak peek at what's in the pipeline and currently under development:

  • Being able to set the finish location of the route that is different from the start location
  • Sharing the results of a calculated route with others by an email or website link
  • Associating custom fields / user data with each address row for import / export
  • Time-boxing / prioritising locations that must be visited at a certain time on the route
  • Extra multi-vehicle calculation options such as maximum locations per vehicle
  • Individual start locations for multi-vehicle calculations instead of one start location 
  • Quickly reversing the direction of a calculated loop and updating the directions
  • Reporting the time and distance savings made after calculating an optimal route
  • Manually re-ordering locations after a route calculation and recalculating the directions
  • An iOS (iPhone/iPad) version of Speedy Route to complement our current Android App
  • Integration of the Android and iOS app versions with the website for Bulk Add locations

Do you have any suggestions or requests for features in Speedy Route? If so, please get in touch and let us know! There are lots of ways to contact us, you can either:

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